Wilson Wilder Capital Lending & Financing

Founded in the 1980's as Wilson Funding Company LLC, it acts as an advisor to and investor in small and medium size businesses. Since our principals and their families are owners of real estate and investors as well, this allows us the ability to address situations from the clients perspective.

Many firms do work mostly as intermediaries.

Over the years we have done business with most of the money-center and regional banks as well as with insurance companies and numerous non-bank lenders. On many occasions we assisted an institution with clients that need financing and/or equity. Even though the client may not fit the specific criteria of that institution from our perspective the request may likely have merit and can be placed elsewhere with a more receptive lender.

Our expertise is in providing creative solutions to capital, business and other economic challenges faced by middle market companies, many of which are not well served in the market. We are proud of our long-term relationships with many financial institutions as well as with the accounting and legal communities. We strive to sustain the high level of confidence and trust that our clients have in us.